Northern Lights Design Studio

12663 386th Avenue, Aberdeen, SD  57401


Custom Panels / Stained Glass:

Northern Lights Design Studio is experienced in traditional and contemporary stained glass windows, beveled glass, cabinet door inserts, clear textured glass panels, and custom window and door inserts.  We use both the copper foil method (made famous by LaFarge and Tiffany) and the traditional leading method usually seen in church windows and older home panels.

Restoration / Repair:

 We have never seen two repairs the same, which makes them difficult to estimate as it relates to time and cost. 

Other than obviously cracked or broken glass, the most common problem with older panels tends to be the sagging                                                         and/or bulging of individual glass pieces due the deterioration of the original lead.  Sometimes, simply getting the old

glass out of its frame without doing future damage can be a challenge.

Likewise, matching decades-old glass can cause problems, because many of these beautiful old glasses are no longer

made anywhere.

As an example, if the glass pieces are bulging or falling out of a panel due to the old lead breaking down, the only

reasonable solution is to remove and clean all of the glass pieces and to then rebuild and re-cement the entire panel,

using newer, stronger leads.  This 'rebuild' would result in an essentially new window, ready for many decades of enjoyment.

If the broken glass of a panel is no longer available we attempt to glue the glass using a strong UV glue.  Or, if permitted by the client, search for a new glass that is an acceptable substitute.  Essentially, repair and restoration  is a longer and more timely process.  If the client wishes to follow this course, the entire process is fully documented with measurements, photographs and any other information pertinent to the project. 

Repairs are very rarely done anywhere but in the studio.  Only there do we have the proper resources to make your repair a success.


Prices vary, based on the size of the project and/or complexity of the design.  Because of this, it is difficult to quote a firm price without creating a concept drawing of the idea.   Northern Lights Design Studio will do this free of charge and with no obligation.

To get a 'kinda-sorta'  idea of what your project might cost, do this:

                       Multiply the width and the length of your desired panel (in inches) and multiply them together.  Divide the resulting number by 144.  This will give                          you the size of your project in square feet.

                                                                               Length x Width = square inches

                                                               Square inches divided by 144 = square feet

Northern Lights Design Studio  windows usually run in the area of $100.00 to $160.00 per square foot, averaging about $120.00/sq. ft.  Multiplying the square feet calculated in your project by $120.00 would give you a rough idea of cost.

Very simply put...... straight lines are cheaper!  That stands to reason because as lines start to curve and twist, things rapidly become more intricate and time - consuming.   The types of glass being worked with can also be a factor.

We will gladly work with you to achieve a creative, yet affordable reality to your stained glass dreams.



As a discerning business or home owner, you want to express your personality as you select the furnishings for your home or office.  So why would you choose the same cabinet doors or window treatments from the local lumber yard that everyone else has? 

The only limit you have with Northern Lights Design Studio  is your imagination!

The relationship between our studio and our clients is a special one.  You are inviting us into your home or office and this is your  stained glass project we're talking about.  Therefore, we get you involved-right from the beginning!

First, we need to establish the design concept -- what it is you want.  Many clients come in with a rough sketch of their idea and we go from there.  Others simply say they want something "kinda different", so we need to get to know them a little better.  This might involve visiting them at their office or home to see what colors, fabrics, lighting, etc. they tend to prefer.

Based upon this, the Studio will create a drawing  of the proposed project (colored, if need be) which often results in changes to the original concept.

Once the drawing is approved by you, the client, construction begins!   Ah, ah, ah........come back;  you're not done yet!  Now you will be invited back to select the glass for your project.  This can be an exciting time for both the artist and the client, as the palette of colors and textures of glass available today far exceeds what the early masters like Tiffany, LaFarge, Green and Wright had to work with.   This process may lead to changes in the original design.

                                                         The final drawing is then enlarged to finished size and the selected glass is cut precisely to conform to the drawing.  After                                                              cutting and grinding the glass pieces to proper size, depending upon the method used, these pieces are either edge-foiled                                                            with copper, or inserted into a strip of lead called H-came.  When all the pieces are foiled or leaded, they are soldered                                                                  together.  In the case of leaded glass, a putty-like cement is then forced between the lead and the glass, giving, when dried,                                                   dry, a strong and waterproof seal.  Northern Lights Design Studio  edges all of our panels, as a matter of course, with a                                                          zinc border, providing added strength and rigidity to the overall panel.  Reinforcing bars of flat or round steel, zinc, or brassbrass                                             brass are used, where appropriate, for larger or unique panels.

                                                           If desired, a chemical patina can then be applied to metal, ranging from green to copper or warm dark gray, giving                                                giving             the appearance of aging to the panel.  At this point the panel is thoroughly cleaned, waxed and polished. 

                                                                    Your project is now ready to be installed and admired for years to come. 

                                                                                                     And you helped create it!